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Food List and Research
This was my second trip to Europe. After reviewing my experiences from the first trip I realized that I had not fully experienced the cuisine. It was my goal not to deprive my stomach this trip and give it as much culinary exposure as possible. I studied recipe books, watched the Food Channel and learned as much Italian food vocabulary as possible. It paid off and I manage to taste everything on my food checklist.

Overall Breakfast Descriptions
Breakfast was provided by the hotel/pensions. This ranged from a light meal consisting of coffee, bread and cheese to a deluxe buffet with yogurts, cereals, meats, cheeses, breads, fruit, juices and crackers. I have not described the individual days.

Lunch and Dinner
Where possible I tried to get the Italian names and English descriptions for each food item. Some meals did not have menus so my eyes and taste buds have created the descriptions created. Dinner usually included dessert. If I didn't eat or taste it then it is not listed.

Wine Labels
I wish to thank my rotating roommates who put up with wine bottles soaking in the bathroom sinks. And thanks to tour group members who let me smuggle the bottles from the tables. I acquired over 20 labels during the trip. This does not include all wines sampled during the tour since several labels disintegrated during the soaking process. These labels fill out my journal and are a great reference.

Sharing and Tasting
I could not have tasted the variety of foods if it were not for great tour members who were tolerant and willing to share or provided me samples from their meals. Thank you all for broadening my travel experiences through food and conversation. Sharing by tour definition is splitting and swapping meal portions. Tasting is permission to use one's fork on another plate in order to spear food.

Stomach Rating
my stomach can still remember eating this and my mouth waters thinking about it
this was good and I am glad I had an opportunity to taste it
this was quality food and satisfied my hunger, while not disappointed not on any hit list
the worse meal I had in Italy - was unable to finish it and I was hungry

Day Location - Meal Food Drink Photo/Label
1. Milan - breakfast
Varenna - light lunch Ravioli - with butter and sage (shared)
Ravioli creamy parmesan tomato sauce(shared)
Tuborg Beer PHOTO
Varenna reception Cheese, bread, grapes Ca’Vive Piave Cabernet
Canneto Oltrepo Pavese
Varenna - dinner Crespelle ai fungi porcini (crepe with mushroom)
Filetto di manzo alla griglia (grilled beef)
Pesto gnocchi (tasted)
Red Wine
2. Varenna - breakfast
Varenna - light lunch Prosciutto with bread and butter, cappuccino
Varenna - dinner Nostrana (pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, olives (with pits), parmesan cheese and peppers)
Calzone Farcito (tomato, mozzarella, ham, artichokes, and mushrooms)
Vino alla spina (red house wine)
3. Varenna - breakfast
Verona - light lunch Gustavo (folded bread with mushroom and cheese) Vino rosso (draft)
Pension Seelaus - dinner Buffet salad consisting of carrots, sauerkraut with caraway and ham; German style potato salad; a lima/kidney/onion/tuna mix; a creamy dressing (a white something with a hint of horseradish), and a lot more items
butterfly pasta (basil, sausage, cream)
Thin steak with green beans
Wine - Hauswappen Tafelwein LABEL
4. Pension Seelaus - breakfast
Arnika Hutte - lunch Kaisersehmarren con mirtilli rossi (fried pancake-like crepe topped with local berries) Forst Beer
Pension Seelaus - dinner Buffet salad (see Day 3)
Pasta tubes with tomato/zuccini/onion
A ground meat with egg in the center with a caper sauce and rice on side
Merlot Sudtirol LABEL
5. Pension Seelaus - breakfast
Verona - lunch ham and cheese panini
Venice - dinner Salad
Ravioli with tomato sauce
Scalloped veal
Tasted: liver and onions; polenta; spaghetti napiton
Cantaloupe flavored ice
Beer - sans souri
Beer -zipfer
6. Venice - breakfast
Venice - light lunch Bratwurst sandwich
Cabernet franc venteto
Happy hour in "the apartment" Merlot isonzo del fruili
Bardolino classico 2000
Venice - dinner Mussels
Melon ice cream
7. Venice - breakfast
Lunch in route at autostrata Cannelloni (fixed lasagne like)
Salad (tuna, olives, mozzeralla)(shared)
House wine
Florence - dinner Salad
Risotto with seafood (saw clams, octopus, squid, shrimp, whitefish, and mussels)
House red wine

Evening wine - tocai fruilano 2000 angoris
8. Florence - breakfast
Florence - lunch Tortellini alla medici (cream, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes)
Wine - vino da tavola LABEL
Patio Happy hour Crackers and cheese Chianti 2000 rubentino
Remole toscana
Florence - dinner Gnocchi ai procini e gamberetti (mushroom, shrimp, saffron, cream and tomoatoes)
Tasted seafood spagetti, some kind of soup, risotto and more
Gelato - caffe
9. Florence - breakfast
Lucca - lunch Rice with squid, shrimp, tomato and spicy something (good choice just poor cooking)
Monterosso - snack Farinata (olive oil, cecci, water)
Monterosso - dinner Pesto lasagne
Fish (mediterran whitefish) with white sauce and herbs
sciacchetra (sherry-like wine)
10. Monterosso - breakfast
Vernazza - lunch Pesto lasagna
House wine LABEL
Happy Hour Farinata (olive oil, cecci, water) A variety of wines LABEL
Monterosso - dinner Penne al salmone
Shared pansotti in salsa di noci; carbonara; monterosso panino
Gelato - berry
11. Monterosso - breakfast
Lunch in route at autostrada Salad with tuna and egg
Siena - dinner Pesto lasagne
Ossobuco con Fagioli all’ Uccellotto (veal shank with beans)
Rice with a thick meat sauce
White house wine PHOTO
12. Siena - breakfast
Siena - Lunch Pizza (just cheese and 1 slice)
Siena - dinner Tagliatelle porcini e panna (noodles with mushroom and cream sauce)
Ossobuco con Fagioli all’ Uccellotto (veal shank with beans)
Tasted: Antipesto plate (eggplant, beans, marinated white onion, stuff yellow pepper); vitella tonne (cold veal in tuna sauce)
Red house wine
13. Siena - breakfast
Assisi - lunch Panini (rosemary bread, cheese, salami, lettuce)
ice tea
Pre-Dinner Cinque terrra vendemmia 2000 LABEL
Azienda agrituristica - dinner Salami with toasted garlic bread
Chicken (duck?) with potato chunks
dessert wine PHOTO
14. Azienda agrituristica - breakfast
Orvieto - lunch Picnic with the works PHOTO
Pre-Dinner Orvieto 2000 Classico Amabile LABEL
Azienda agrituristica - dinner Bread with olive/tomato/chopped something
Risoot (chicken broth with chopped vegetables)
Duck and green beans
House wine
Dessert wine
15. Azienda agrituristica - breakfast
Pompeii - lunch Salad
Soft Drink
Patio Happy hour Solaro vino da tavola PHOTO
Sorrento - dinner Shared: antipasto misto
Gnocchi sorrentino
Tasted: risotto pescatora
Shared: cotoletta alla Milanese (veal cutlet)
Shared: salsiccia arrosto (italian sausage)
Tasted: fagiolinial burro (green beans)
House Red Wine PHOTO
16. Sorrento - breakfast
Sorrento - lunch Salad
Snack: Rice balls; mozzarella sticks
Patio Happy hour Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio - De Rosa LABEL
Sorrento - dinner Shared: antipasto del Golfo
Pesce Spada (fish)
Minestrone soup
Bistecca di Manzo (grilled steak)
Tasted: Insalata Caprese (mozzarella and tomato salad)
House Wine PHOTO
17. Sorrento - breakfast
Amalfi - lunch Generic sandwich
Happy Hour Wine in the Room Chianti classico La Castellina LABEL
Rome - dinner (chinese) Riso Bianco (white rice)
Involtini Freschi (special spring roll)
Ravioli al Vapore (steam dumpling)
Pollo con Mandorle (chicken with almonds)
Manzo in Salsa D’ostrica (oyster bed)
Chinese rice cake (sliced with carrots)
Gelato Fritto (fried ice cream)
Bigne di Cocco (fried Coconut)
18. Rome - breakfast
Rome - lunch at Hard Rock Cafe - spring rolls Beer
Happy Hour on Patio a variety of wines PHOTO
Rome - dinner (chinese) Riso Bianco (white rice)
Involtini Freschi (special spring roll)
Pork with zazai
Hao Hua mixed plate
Chicken with green pepper
Beef iron plate
Hot and sour soup
Bigne di Cocco (fried Coconut)
Fried rice cantonese
19. Rome - breakfast
Rome - lunch snack Rice Balls
Rome - dinner Stuffed zucchini flowers, stuffed green olive, tomatoes over toast
Pasta noodles with cream sauce
Quarter of chicken with cubed potatoes
Gelato - coffee flavor
House wine PHOTO
20. Rome - breakfast
Airplane - Lunch & Dinner

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