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& Group Wine Tasting



Altes Haus, built in 1368 is the town's oldest surviving house.

One of the six remaining towers surrounded by vineyards.

Werner Kapelle, a 15th century, red sandstone frame of a never-completed Gothic chapel.

We cut short our return cruise from Bingen and got off at Bacharach. We entered through the Medieval wall and stepped back into history. Cobblestone streets were lined with quaint half-timbered facades. Bacharach, named for Bacchus, the ancient god of wine, was a major wine center from 1300 to 1600. Vines were first planted here during Roman times.

A quick train ride got us back to St Goar in time for an evening group wine tasting in the hotel cellar. We were guided through several vintages that the Rhine region offers by Karl Wald.

Linda, Ken and Barbara

Tasting included:

 - 2002 St. Goarer Burg Rheinfels; Riesling

- 2001er St. Goarhauser Lorleyfelsen; Rivaner und Kerner

- 2000er Mittelrhein; Riesling Auslese

- 2001er Mittelrhein; Riesling Kabinett

- 2000er Mittelrhein; Bopparder Hamm Fasserlay