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Around Town

and Final Group Dinner



One of my goals was to go to a wine garden (Heurigen). We didn't make it to any around the edge of town but found this garden near our hotel. Entering through a courtyard door, we discovered a peaceful backyard where locals gathered. Not a typical tourist place, we sampled the green wine and local foods including the famous Vienna fried chicken.

The Ringstrasse Tram #2 Tour

A relaxing Do-It-Yourself tour

One of the many views from the tram

Inside the magificent Opera House

Throughout Vienna one could see painted horses. I managed to photograph 30 unique horses.


A restored group of streets lined with 18th & 19th century houses



Bree & Carol

After dining on Tafelspitz, the group clapped and cheered loudly as Donna presented the individual tour awards. While this was the last official night of the tour many of the people stayed for one or two extra nights.