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 Mission: to provide the best low stress pet care possible


Pet Watch


Serving the Davis, El Macero, Dixon,

Woodland and West Sacramento areas



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Purrfection Pet Watch provides custom, personalized pet care in your own home. While remaining in the comfort of their own familiar environment, your pets will be showered with love and affection during visits that are tailored to your (and your pets') specific needs.

Pet sitting is not limited to vacation sitting. A pet sitter can come in handy if you work late hours or while you are recovering from surgery or illness. Services include home visits for people without pets, who want their home to look lived in while they are away. House sitting for homes without pets is also provided.

Purrfection Pet Watch , operated by Diane Pierzinski, was a natural progression from years of dedication and passion toward animal friends, and the desire to build a business where "your best friend is my best customer." Diane has been around animals her whole life. She grew up with a menagerie of domestic pets and equine friends and spent the last several years rescuing homeless cats. Totally committed to the health and well being of any pet under her care, she has completed pet first aid and is a member of the Pet Sitter International and Pet Sitter Associates, LLC.

Consider all of the benefits of in-home pet care before you finalize your travel plans. If you travel for business or pleasure, and would prefer to keep your treasured pet(s) in the security of your own home and do not want to impose on neighbors or friends, then please contact Purrfection Pet Watch for a free initial get-acquainted meeting.

Contact Diane Pierzinski at 530-756-7157 or by email

Bonded - Insured - Licensed