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Why a Pet Sitter?

How does it work?




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How does it work?

Once you decide to use a pet sitter, there are only 7 easy steps to follow:

1. Contact Purrfection Pet Watch at 530-756-7157 or by email at

2. Prepare for our get acquainted meeting.

3. Meet

4. Review Leaving check list

5. Visits while you are away

6. Home again

7. Future


Contact Purrfection Pet Watch at 530-756-7157 or by email at  If there is no answer, leave a message with your name, contact number, and days that you need pet sitting.  I check my message every morning and evening. I will respond within 24 hours. When I return your call/email,I will answer any questions that you may have arrange a convenient time to meet. I will return your call, regardless, if I am not available.


During our get acquainted meeting, I will be completing several forms. The following information will help speed up this process so that I can spend more time meeting your pets and understanding their needs.  This may be seem excessive at first but remember I will refer to these documents in your absence so please be as detailed as possible. Rest assured that whenever you request service again all the information will be in place and will not have to be done over.

Important information to have ready:

1. Your pet(s) vaccination record.

2. The name, address and phone number of your preferred veterinarian and/or clinic.

3. Your complete itinerary with your location and all contact numbers where you can be      reached while you are away.

4. The name and number of at least one local emergency contact.

5. A copy of all keys needed to gain entry to your home.


Our meeting will require approximately a ½ hour of your time. The purpose of the visit is to meet you and your pets, go over your Pet and Home profiles, and pick up any keys. During this meeting, we'll have the opportunity to interact with your pets and familiarize ourselves with your home and pet routine. Likewise, it gives you time to feel comfortable with me caring for your pets and home while you are away. If it's deemed necessary, one or two trial visits may be scheduled for "special needs" pets. I will be checking if the entry keys work and practice on the security alarm if there is one. I will conduct a walk through of your house and yard to become familiar with your pets home. Please be prepared to show me your pet’s favor hiding places.

During our meeting I will determine the exact cost of the care (this is based on the services that you require). Payment is expected in full on the first care visit. Should additional unexpected costs or services in your absence be required, an invoice will be left on the counter with an addressed envelope at the end of your care period.  Payment is expected within 15 days of the last care day or a late charge fee will be assessed.


I know that preparing to leave on a trip can be chaotic, so I have prepare a checklist to help you not to forget something for you pet.


  • Have we confirmed your date and time of departure within 48 hours?  If for some reason you didn't get our message, be sure to call before you leave or simply call us first. It's very important that we are all "on the same page" for your departure and return.
  • Does your dog have a comfortable fitting collar with current ID tags?
  • Pet supplies in one location? Leave everything necessary to care for your pet in one general visible area such as the kitchen counter or laundry room.
  • Thermostat the right temperature? Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature for your pets. Heat can cause more problems beside just discomfort.
  • Enough food and litter for the entire time? Stock up on enough pet food and kitty litter to last the entire time you are away and then some in case you are delayed in returning. However, I don't mind running to the store for you if you don't mind the extra charge.
  • Food dishes out? I will be cleaning your pet(s) bowls frequently and, of course, litter boxes each visit. However, I would appreciate it very much if you don't leave them in gross condition for the first visit.
  • Plastic bags for litter disposal? I don't flush cat litter, not even the flushable type, so please leave plenty of plastic bags for disposal.
  • Pet not feeling good? If your pet is having an "under the weather" week, let me know.
  • Security alarm? If you have a security alarm system, please notify the company that a pet sitter will be coming to your home and give them our name and phone number.
  • Locked doors? Make sure all doors, sliders and windows are secured including the garage before leaving. I will keep the garage entrance door locked unless you tell me otherwise.
  • Restricted areas? If there are areas of your home that is off limits to your pet(s), please shut the door or gate the area.
  • Neighbors? Inform your neighbors of your absence and that you have contracted with a pet sitter service. I will need to know who has access to your home. Should I arrive and find things out of place or a stranger in your home, I will call the police first and ask questions later.
  • Business card? Be sure to let me know if your departure or return is delayed, and take my card with you so you can call me.
  • MOST IMPORTANT! Count heads right before you leave. You wouldn't want to lock anyone in a closet. I will be counting heads at each visit. I will not leave after a visit until everyone has been accounted for.


Visits for dogs will be spaced according to the number of daily visits. Cats and birds will be visited approximately the same time each day depending on the schedule. I can only guarantee a reasonable amount of time between visits for your pet based on how many visits per day you request. Usually, the client who receives the earliest morning visit also receives the earliest visit on afternoon and/or evening rounds. Generally, indoor dogs needing to go out receive the earliest visits of the day, then cats and outdoor dogs. Animals needing medicine on a strict schedule (for example, diabetic animals needing insulin) will receive the highest scheduling priority.

I know you will want to hear all about your pet's adventures while you were away! I leave a visit log sheet to record the time of my visit along with what happened. I note activities how well your pet is eating and drinking, relieving him/herself, whether medicine has been given, and if there have been any problems. These notes are a valuable aid in monitoring for potential health problems.

I try to leave every house as I found it on my first visit. I am not housekeeping service, but I do sweep up scattered food, litter and cage bedding, clean up pet "accidents", and wash water and food bowls. If requested, I will pick up doggy piles in your yard as they occur, but will not pick up pre-existing piles. Litter boxes are scooped at every visit.

I do everything I can to give homes a "lived-in" look: lights, blinds, and drapes can be alternated, mail and papers are taken in, and garbage is put out for collection. Any other reasonable requests to keep your home secure will be honored. I do occasional drive by (with no stopping) and check on your house, if my schedule permits between visits.  I never disclose the names and addresses of clients (excluding names and phone numbers used by permission as references) and make every effort to conceal a client's absence.

Always be assured that your pet's and home's safety is first. If I feel your pet is in danger of being too hot or too cold indoors, I will turn on fans, air conditioning, and heating as needed. The Davis area is subject to extreme heat in the summer, if your air conditioning is broken or not functioning properly, I reserve the right to call a repair service. Outdoor animals may be moved inside or boarding arrangements may be made if I feel your pet is in danger due to exposure to extreme conditions.


You've finally pulled into your driveway, unloaded the car and can't wait to get into your own bed. One more very important thing to do! Remember to call or email at ANY hour to leave a voice message or send a note that you've returned home. To ensure the safety and well-being of your pets and the security of your home, my policy is to continue visits until notified. If I don't hear from you at the expected time of your return, I will extend visits until I receive your call. These additional trips will then be added to your bill. And you may not want visitors as early as 6:00 in the morning after a long tiring trip! If you know that your return is going to be delayed (i.e. return flight canceled), please call. Be assured, that I will take care of your pet until you return.


OK. You're looking forward to spending the holidays with the family or there's an upcoming business trip and you need pet care. Be aware I am an "advance reservation" service with a limited number of bookings. In order to maintain the highest quality for all contracted visits, I do not overbook, regardless of season or demand.  

Short-notice (less than one week) reservations will be accepted if space is available, however, two weeks notice or more is strongly suggested, and one month may be required for holidays, spring break, and busy summer/winter travel months. Please feel free to inquire about last minute services but availability is on a first-come first-serve basis. The more notice you give me the chances are better that I will be able to book your dates so please notify me a soon as you know when you will need care services.

For the safety of your pets and because phones and computers can "crash", reservations requested by voicemail or email,, are not considered final or guaranteed until confirmed. Always confirm your reservation directly as I can't accept a voice mail or email left as a reservation. If you need to extend your trip, we will only accept extensions by direct confirmation only. This ensures that we won't miss your request and your pet won't be left alone.