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Policies & Philosophies

  • The following is a list of my policies and procedures. Because I want my clients to be as fully informed as possible, I have written them out. Please read it carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  • Always schedule your pet care reservation with me directly. While someone may answer the phone and take a message, I do not consider it or e-mail as an actual reservation. You will need direct confirmation by me that I have received it. This is to prevent pets being left alone because of a missed message.
  • I will always call to confirm the care dates 24-48 hours ahead of time. If you do not hear from me, you must call me and reconfirm the dates. This is very important! My concern is for your pet and I want to insure your peace of mind that your pet will be taken care of.
  • After you return from a trip, you are required to call me.  In this case, a left message or email is adequate. You my call at any hour and leave a voice message that you have returned. During the get acquainted meeting we will set a time period for you to call. Otherwise, I will continue visiting to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet(s).
  • I can not guarantee to be at your home at a specific time except in special cases involving medication. I will attempt to be at your home plus or minus one hour of a regular set time.
  • I will not be held liable for free roaming outdoor cats in the event of injury, illness, loss or death. I would prefer that they remain inside your home during your absence but I understand that this is not always possible. All outdoor dogs are required to be in a secured owner's property (fenced in yard) or kennel. It is your sole responsibility to pet proof any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates and latches. I am not liable for any injuries the pet may sustain while in their own home/property nor any property damaged by the pet.  Should your pet become Houdini in your absence, I will immediately contact you.  I will make every effort to locate them but am not liable if they should become “lost”.
  • I reserve the right to adjust the heat or A/C in your house if I think the health of your pet is being affected. Should either the heat or A/C fail and weather requires the appliance. I will call a repairperson and the client will be liable for the repair payment. If I see any potential situations in your house that I deem as hazardous I will disconnect or remove the appliance (for example a operating space heater).
  •  If there are any other person(s) having access to your home while you are away, I will need to know. This is very important and includes friends, relatives, children away at college, gardeners, cleaning service or anyone else that could be at your house while you are gone. For my safety and for the protection of your home I will call the police immediately upon finding anyone else in there.
  • I have a qualified individual pet sitter as a back up, in the event of a personal situation, illness or personal injury should prevent me from caring for your pets in your absence. I may bring this person with me on one of my regular visits.
  • All emergency veterinary charges will be the full responsibility of the client. Client will be billed $20/hour by the pet sitter for any emergency trips to the vet. Please check with your vet if additional authorization is required to care for your pet.
  • Payment is due at the start of service. Payment (cash or check) can be left on the countertop when you leave. There is no refund for early returns.  In event that additional services are required during your absence, I will leave an invoice and addressed stamped envelope for payment. Returned checks are subject to a $20 surcharge.
  • I will be checking that a house key works during the Get Acquainted meeting. If you are giving me a new key, please double check any new key prior to my arrival to make sure it works. I will accept garage door openers or codes but must also have a key to the house in case of power outages or any other unforeseen possibility. Even if pets are not in the house I must have access for safety purposes.
  • After your pet sit is finished I can either give your keys back to you or keep them on file. If I keep your keys you will be all set for any future sits (and it also comes in handy if you accidentally lock yourself out). Keys are kept in a locked box labeled only with a code name for security reasons. If I give your keys back to you there is a $10 fee for all future pick up and drop off of keys.  I will mail the key back if you provide a self addressed, stamped envelope. I am not responsible for the delivery/return of the key if sent by USPS.
  • I only do daily visits. All pets in my care must be seen at least once a day. I know some people leave cats or bunnies etc. for a couple days sometimes but I am just not comfortable with not checking on a pet at least once in 24 hours. You'd be surprised at what could happen. I care too much about these pets to take any chances.  
  • All pets in your house will be considered to be under my care. I understand that some animals may not need short term care (for example, outdoor cats that only get dry food)  but I will check on them even if care is not required.  I am concerned for the welfare of all living creatures and for my own peace of mind will monitor them.
  • If you need last minute pet care I will do my best to accommodate last minute plans.  But if I am booked up or am unavailability, I won't overbook.  It is not fair to the pets that have been already scheduled.  I will try to assist  you with other possible arrangements. Check the calendar of availability on this website.