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Pet Watch




Why a Pet Sitter?

Why a Pet Sitter?

How does it work?




Dog Walk Rates

Service Areas

Policies & Philosophies



This page contains a summary of the base rates for Pet Sitting service options. Rates can vary because all visits are tailored to each client’s needs and there are a number of variables such as area of service, number of pets, extended time and specific service requirements unique to each situation. Exact fees will be established when the care plan is finalized during the initial consultation visit. For full details on services included with each option click on heading to take you to the appropriate page.



Initial consultation 

   No charge

Full Service Pet Sitting


     Mid day service (Monday – Friday) 


     Mid day service (Saturday – Sunday)

$18.00 per visit


     Not available at this time



Additional pet charge (beyond 2)  

$1.00 per pet

Additional time (15 minute blocks) 

$7.00 per visit

Full Service Cat Sitting (no pet limit)

$15.00 per visit

Express Pet Sitting

$12.00 per visit

Equine Care – for 1 horse; assumes a 10 mile service area  

$25.00 per visit

Additional horses

$15.00 per horse



Pet Taxi (weekends and weekday evenings only).

$20.00 (first 30 minutes)

$10.00 each additional 30 minutes

Store Errands (weekends and weekday evenings only)

$30.00 per hour; $15.00 minimum

plus cost of purchase

Scoop Patrol

$25.00 per week

Overnight house sitting – limited availability

 $60.00 per night

House sitting – no pets 

$15.00 per visit

Mid day potty break (Monday – Friday)

Not available at this time

Mid day potty break (Saturday – Sunday)

$10.00 per visit



Key pick up and drop off; if not kept on file 


Outside Service Area Zone



New Years Eve & Day; Easter; Memorial Day; 4th of July; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Day after Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve; Christmas  

 No fee at this time