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Pet Watch




How does it work?




Dog Walk Rates

Service Areas

Policies & Philosophies


Below I have listed detailed descriptions of my services. I tailor all services and visits to your specifications.  These are the most common options pet owners require from a pet sitting service. However, this list is not all-inclusive and I can personalize a service plan that will meet your requirements.


Initial Consultation


No charge for initial consultation. To better prepare for the initial consultant meeting read "preparing for the sitter". If I need to come back to complete the service agreement, there will be a $15.00 fee, or if just to pick up key, a $10.00 fee will be imposed.


Full Service Pet Sitting


Full service visits include normal pet ownership and home security tasks.  As an alternative to boarding your pet at the kennel, your pet sitter will visit with your dog and/or cat as many times per day as you desire. During these visits, your pet sitter will change and clean the water bowl, prepare a meal, administer medication if necessary. Your pet receives play, exercise, and personal attention each visit. To maintain an occupied appearance of your home, service includes, at no extra charge, collection of mail and newspapers, watering indoor plants, turning lights on and off, taking out the garbage and opening and closing curtains/blinds. Full service includes any or all of the following:


For your pet:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Interactive playtime
  • Light brushing, if applicable
  • Administer medication, vitamins, and dietary supplements, if necessary
  • Provide litter box, cage, and light yard scooping maintenance
  • Clean-up any indoor pet accidents
  • Arrange for medical treatment in case of illness
  • Personal attention and quality time as directed by your pet, including lots of love, hugs, conversation and affection
  • Provide daily report for each visit
  • Fish and caged animals (such as hamster, guinea pigs) will be fed and monitored as no extra charge.


For your home:

  • Bring in your mail and newspapers
  • Water your indoor house plants
  • Set trash and recycle out on pick-up days
  • Alter your lights, radio and window treatments, as requested
  • Maintain a “lived-in look
  • Plus other personalized services you may need.
  • Light Plant care - watering
  • Giving your home a daily check up


Additional home services we CAN provide, for additional fees:

  • More extensive plant care -  watering and fertilizing indoor plants as directed.
  • Systems check – sprinkler, timers, air conditioning, heating, etc.
  • Pool & Spa Checks
  • Provide daily reports by voice mail or email
  • Overnights, limited at this time.


Full Service Cat Sitting (no cat limit)


There is no additional charge for more than 2 cats. However, if requested services will require more than thirty minutes due individual cat attention, extra time is charged at a rate of $7.00 per quarter hour. For the safety and well-being of your  cats, I require daily visits, regardless if they are independent. Your cats are important to me and I feel very responsible for them.


Express Service


Express visits are shorter visits that provide for your pet’s basic needs at a reduced rate. Where service is for dogs or more than 2 pets, Express visits are only available as a second or third daily visit when combined with at least one full service visit.  The shorter time does not allow enough time for proper care and attention for more than two pets if it is the only type of visit each day.


Express service ONLY includes:

  • Fresh food and water,
  • Let dog out to potty,
  • Scoop litter box,
  • Quick health check of each pet
  • Administer medication


NOTE:  If you require multiple visits each day, you may request a combination of full and express services.   You could have one or two full service visits combined with one or two express visits.  Remember services are customized to your needs.


Equine Services


As a lifelong horse person, I understand the need to obtain the best care possible for your equine friends. All of my horse services are provided under a well-educated eye for optimum health. I provide your horses with a full body check, and plenty of love at each visit. As an optional feature, I can provide any security measures for your ranch or home during the visit.


Each visit may include:

  • Feeding
  • Supplementing
  • Water trough filling
  • Lunging
  • Turn out
  • Riding
  • Blanketing
  • Grooming/Hoof Cleaning
  • A full body check
  • Ranch Security Measures if needed
  • Daily e-mails to your work or home
  • 45 minutes per visit
  • 15 minutes additional per horse when multiple horses


••Additional 30-minute visits can be arranged.

••Stall cleaning is offered by private appointment.


All equine service pricing assumes within the 10 mile service area. If you need service outside of the service area, there may be a daily surchage fee.


Special Services


These services are designed for the busy professional, traveling executive, or spontaneous vacationer:

  • For those times when you have to stay late at work or have evening meetings and cannot get home in time to let the dog out.
  • For those busy over-scheduled weeks when your pooch is not getting enough attention, exercise, needs medicine or has an appointment.


Dog Walking


During this visit, your pet sitter will change and clean the water bowl, prepare a meal for your dog, administer medication if necessary and take your dog on a walk in your neighborhood. Before leaving, lots of loving affection is provided to your pet.


If you desire your dog to run, exercise with the pet sitter will be done on a bicycle. Your dog will receive a run (with the speed determined by fitness) followed by a cool down walk.


Your pet will not be walked/run during extreme temperatures. Again, the health and well being is first and foremost while under my care.


Pet Taxi


A professional pet sitter will transport your pet(s) to the veterinarian or groomer while you are at work, on vacation, unable to transport or too busy to do it yourself.

Times are limited to:

Monday – Friday 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00pm


Errand Running


Errand Running within 5 mile radius of your home. We can pick up that large, heavy pet food for you, or other pet supplies! Need groceries, dry cleaning, post office errands done for those people who have time limited schedules and no transportation, then consider this service.


Scooper Patrol


The Scooper Patrol is a pet waste removal service offered to pet owners who just do not have time to search the yard for those stinky surprises your sweetie left behind. Scooper patrol also eases the mind of the pet owner who just cannot “stomach” those surprises. Pet waste is not only bad for your lawn, it is bad for humans as well and should be removed promptly. This service offers is by week and includes 2 visits per week -  either Tues/Sat or Wed/Sun.


Overnight Pet/House Sitting


LIMITED AVAILABILITY.  In addition to caring for your pets during the day, I will stay with them in your home at night. If you like the combination of a house sitter and pet sitter rolled into one, this is for you. If you don't want your pet(s) to sleep alone and/or to leave your home unattended, the pet sitter will sleep at your home. We will ensure that all your pet's needs are met and that your pet has the comfort of knowing someone is at your home all night long. We will water plants, bring in the mail and newspapers, turn lights on and off, take out the garbage, open and close curtains/blinds at no extra charge.


Home Sitting Only


Need to travel and Not a Pet Owner?

  • I can make regular drop in visits to your home to make sure all is as it should be, bring in mail & packages, wind the grandfather clock, forward mail/messages..  It can be a sorry end to a great trip if you come home to the mess or expense of damage caused by broken pipes, fallen trees, dead plants, a spa that is not filtering daily.
  • I am not a security or home protection company but I can and do provide many of these services to my pet sitting clients and can provide them for you as well.  Often a home that has normal activity occurring deters crime.  I can act as a contact person for you when you are away if there is an attempt to break in and the alarm is tripped.




No additional charges during holidays, although due to demand, visits may be slightly less than 30 minutes.  Holiday hours are 5:00am - 9:00pm.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate your pet's personal schedule although no appointment times are guaranteed.  Holidays include: New Years Eve & Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and day after, and Christmas.