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Pet Care




Why a Pet Sitter?

How does it work?

Preparing for your pet sitter




Dog Walk Rates

Service Areas

Policies & Philosophies

Dog Walking Rates

This page contains a summary of the dog walking base rates.  Exact fees will be established when the care plan is finalized during the initial consultation visit.  For full details on services included with each option click on heading to take you to the appropriate page.



Dog Walking: any day during week

for 1 dog; additional dog add $2.00.



Mid day walk (Monday – Friday)


Mid day walk (Saturday – Sunday)


$15.00 per walk



Not available at this time



Daily Dog Walking Contract: Monday - Friday

for 1 dog; additional dog add $10.00 per contract.


Mid day walk (Monday – Friday)

$60.00 per week



Not available at this time

Extended Walks, trips to a park area - 1 hour

playtime in a nearby park area. Transportation from your home to park and back is included in the hour visit. Weekday - evenings only. Weekends - anytime.


Payment and Cancellation Policies

Payment for pet services is due in full on the first visit.  If additional services are required during your absence an invoice and an addressed stamped envelope will be left for you to complete your payment.

In the case of vacation sits, cancellations must be made within 24 hrs of the first visit or payment is still due.

In the case of regular weekly sits, cancellations must be made by 10pm the night before the sitting day or payment is still due.  

Cancellations can be made by email and phone message.