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Pet Watch




Why a Pet Sitter?

How does it work?




Dog Walk Rates

Service Areas

Policies & Philosophies


Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

Advantages For Pets

  • Pets are generally happier, they won’t have to stay in a cage while you are away.  Unless, of course, they are a pet that already lives in a cage!
  • Remain in the comfort and security of their home
  • Not traumatized by travel to and from a boarding facility
  • Follow their customary diet, exercise schedules and routines
  • Eliminates the anxiety and exposure to other animals in an unfamiliar environment
  • Receives love and personal attention while you are away

Advantages For Owner

  • Leave home worry-free, knowing your pet is in capable and caring hands.
  • Not inconvenienced by transporting your pet.
  • Don't have to impose upon friends, relatives or neighbors.
  • Your home is looked after along with your pet, making it more secure and giving it a "lived-in" look which acts as a crime deterrent.
  • Arrive home on any day, at any hour and find your pet(s) at home, waiting for your arrival.
  • You can use other special services such as watering plants and bringing in mail and newspaper